Mairead Kearns

Mairead Kearns

Mairead Kearns has been involved in the publishing industry for more than 25 years.

Having spent some time in the Outdoor Advertising industry, she then moved to publishing and was Advertising Director of some of Ireland’s biggest selling newspapers. In 2015, she led the amalgamation of two commercial teams resulting in a new commercial team at Independent News & Media, working across all brands both print and digital.

Mairead has extensive experience in the publishing arena and has a deep knowledge on how to connect brands to the best content creators.

In 2019, Mairead founded Konnect to connect businesses with subject matter experts and thought leaders, who can equip these business leaders, with insights and knowledge on the business trends, national and global, that impact their future. Mairead has considerable experience in project management, ensuring that client needs are met and delivered on.